Saturday, January 10, 2009

Marta of the Amargosa

Something I've been working on. This is a portrait of Marta, the owner of the Amargosa hotel, and the only performer at the Amargosa Opera House.
My first impression of her was of a very persistent but dying tree. She is this frail old lady that lived her life as a dancer 100%. But due to old age, she can no longer use her legs anymore. So now instead of dancing, she entertains guests through song and monologue. But even though it was horribly.. horribly depressing, it was also just as amazing. Her dedication and love to performing is very clear, and something you cannot help but respect. It is inspiring to see someone be that dedicated and in love of what they do. If nothing else, you should all go just to see her passion. Those are things you just don't forget.

I drew her legs as if they were made of dying bark. And I drew her lungs as two living trees.

For this project I used only one black 0.1 micron pen on unprimed canvas sheet. By the time I got to her toes, the tip of the pen was like feather. I used a brush pen for the chair.

Very very very bad photos:

Hope you had happy holidays

© Julie Yeo